Open for take out and delivery by Skip the Dishes

Our restaurant grew from a small delicatessen in 2012. We've switched the hot table for tables and chairs, and with the help of an experienced master chef, Laszlo Barany, we've brought our Hungarian cuisine to Newmarket.
With little to none experience, but a huge drive.. , we've become an instant success, and managed a busy restaurant for many years.
We are the proud recipients of TripAdvisor's "Hall of Fame" for restaurants.
(Received the Certificate of Excellence every year from our costumers. This makes us very grateful, THANK YOU!)
Covid - 19 swirled in, and changed our usual way of living and working, but we are still here to serve you.
We'll make sure all health recommendations and policies are kept 100%, so you can sit down again with friends and family, or take away your favourite dishes.
Thank you for your support, hope to see you at the restaurant !

Strudel shop
The Strudel Shop is a new addition to our restaurant, serving limited wholesale and individual costumers. Our hand rolled sweet or savory pastry comes in full rolls , frozen or baked.  Traditional Hungarian and Central European recipes created for you or for your costumers enjoyment.
  • 198-200 Main Street South, Newmarket, ON, Canada
  • Bar entrance from Botsford Str.

Creamy Cauliflower Soup for two $ 10.00 ( frozen)

Gluten and Dairy free

Chicken Soup for two ( fresh or frozen) $12

Gluten and Dairy free

Pea Soup for two $10 ( fresh or frozen)

Gluten and Dairy free

Carrot/Ginger Soup for two $ 9 ( fresh or frozen)

Gluten and Dairy free

Potato Leak Soup for two $9

Frozen Cabbage Rolls (2) $ 15.00

Frozen Beef Stew with Dumpling $ 18.00

Frozen Pork Stew with dumpling $18.00

Frozen Dumpling ( Spaetzle) $7.00

Debreziner Sausage fresh or frozen ( 6 pack ) $10.00

Fresh Sausage Hot or Mild (Fresh or Frozen) $12.00 (4)

Rice or Blood Sausage ( Frozen) $ 9.00

Csabai Sausage dry, mild or hot ( Fresh or Frozen) $ 9.00

Hamburger (5 pack 6.oz.) 12.00

Mititei 10 pc. (frozen )$10.00

Smoked Dry Bacon $20-27

Smoked Hock $20.00

Cserkesz ( Scout) Sausage hot or mild 8 pc $10.00

Frozen 12 oz. Rib Eye Steak AAA $17.00